Sunday, July 12, 2015

Mindwaves Subliminal Products

The Ultimate Personal 'Custom' Subliminal Programming System...

Finally, here is a simple way to 'write' your desires and goals directly to your subconscious mind, that will guarantee personal success and finally get the 'Law of Attraction' working for you.

The Subliminal Cookbook (logo)

It's a simple fact of life that your circumstances cannot change until YOU change. If you are looking for a tool that will bring about real and permanent beneficial changes in your life, then you have found it.

        Bonus 1 - Binaural Beats (Brainwave Entrainment) Collection
Value $29.00
Bianaural Beats Collection
The Best Binaural Beats Collection. This is a collection of 24 short recordings (10-20 minutes each) designed to be 'mixed and matched' to create brainwave entrainment recordings for relaxation, energy, self growth, meditation or any other purpose. These are ideal for using in your custom recordings either as initial 'induction' aids, or where a particular mind state may be desirable.
Bonus 2 - Three Full-Length Specially Recorded Isochronic TracksValue $34.00
Isochronic Tracks Collection
These three new isochronic brainwave entrainment recordings have been specially created using 3 separate digital processing techniques, to add variety to your 'Cookbook' recordings. All three are stereo tracks intended to be used with headphones, and all have the same 'curve' that begins at a beta frequency then steps down in stages to an alpha frequency of around 9Hz, then finally rises quickly back towards beta. You can incorporate them in your custom recordings, or just listen to them on their own to enable you to quickly enter the dreamlike 'alpha' state at any time - a perfect aid to meditation. These are high quality, state of the art recordings made using the best digital audio technology available, and are absolutely unobtainable anywhere else. Discover for yourself the life-affirming power of brainwave entrainment audios. Each recording runs for a full 25 minutes.
Bonus 3 - Nine Pre-Recorded 'Affirmation' SetsValue $27.00
Affirmation Sets
Affirmations spoken by another person may not be quite as powerful as those you record in your own voice, but these nine professionally recorded affirmation sets spoken by a pleasant female voice, will allow you to create subliminal recordings for several major areas of life that are every bit as effective as anything you can buy, straight away. And they are an ideal 'stopgap' that will allow you to produce many subliminal and hypnotic recordings right out of the box, even before you are ready to create your own custom affirmation tracks.
Bonus 4 - The Handbook of Power AffirmationsValue $9.00
Power Affirmations Handbook
The Handbook of Power Affirmations will show you just exactly how to use the power of positive affirmations to break through negativity. The handbook also contains example affirmation sets for health, wealth/abundance, and success/career, that are an ideal starting point you can use when deciding on affirmations to use in your custom recordings.
Bonus 5 - Ambient Sounds CollectionValue $19.00
Ambient Sounds Collection
A collection of soothing and relaxing sounds that are perfect for use as 'sound masks' in your custom subliminal recordings, in addition to the ambient sound tracks you can create using the software provided in the SCB package. The collection includes chimes, crickets, birdsong, running water and ocean sounds in MP3 format, ready to be dropped straight into your personal audios.

That's well over $100 worth of great bonus products included completely FREE...

Special Extra Bonus: The 'MindScript' Desktop 'Screen Flash' Visual Subliminal Programmer
MindScript Visual Programmer


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